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Instructional Support



Ms. Bethanie Garces, Nurse (W, F)




Ms. Yolande Lewis, Library Studies Aide


Black Student Achievement Plan Staff (BSAP)


Ms. Yarvelle Bell, Restorative Justice Teacher 


VACANT, Pupil Service and Attendance Counselor (PSA)


Ms. Obioma Osae-Brown, Psychiatric Social Worker (PSW)


Ms. Andrea Major, School Climate Coach 


Visual and Performing Arts


Ms. Ashley Rogers, Dance Teacher (W)


Mr. Chris Cavotta, Visual Art Teacher (spring semester)



Ms. Brenda-Jean Shephard, TSP Advisor/Title 1 Coordinator

(vacant), Intervention/Prevention Support (ISP) Coordinator & Instructional Coach

Ms. Kendra Black, Standard English Learner (SEL) Coordinator

Ms. Nawn Chu, Magnet Coordinator

Instructional Coaches

Mr. Eric Sosa, Instructional Coach

(vacant), Primary Promise Intervention Teacher (Math)

Comprehensive Coordinated Early Intervening Services (CCEIS)

Ms. Brandee Van Rijsbergen, Systems of Supports Advisor (SOSA)

Ms. Chanelle Johnson, Psychological Social Worker (Th, F)


Mr. Bryant Williams, Pupil Services and Attendance Counselor (PSA) Fridays

School Mental Health

Ms. Roichelle Dixon, School Psychologist (M, Th, F)

Ms. Regina Howard, Specialized Student Services Counselor (M)

Related Services / Itinerant Staff

Ms. Jessica Davis-Lee, Speech Therapist (M, alt. Tu, Th)

Mr. Kevin Taba, Speech Therapist 

Mr. Scott Leibsker, Adaptive Physical Education (APE)

Ms. Andreah Samiado, Recreation Therapy (RT)

Mr. Justin Chao, Occupational Therapist (OT)

Ms. Brittany Montgomery, Physical Therapist (PT)





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