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School Vision

Purche Avenue Elementary School will be a community of safe, respectful and responsible learners who are passionate about learning and achieving. Our collaboration with all stakeholders will produce a nurturing and positive environment that fosters curiosity and inquiry and develops students who are able to excel in a culturally diverse society that features evolving technology. 

We believe: 

● Respect for each individual is fundamental to teaching and learning. 

● All children can learn given appropriate time, instruction, and access to resources. 

● Learning, attendance, and behavior improve when students are actively engaged in meaningful work. 

● Education is a shared responsibility that demands a strong partnership between home, school and community. 

● An effective balance and interdependence must exist among the written curriculum, instruction in the classroom, and assessment for and of learning. 

● High standards and expectations must be maintained through a system of accountability for all students, staff and schools. 

● Quality faculty and other staff are essential to school excellence.

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